CEO Club Pakistan is Pakistan’s premier business group drawing hundreds of business leaders across the region.

This association provides unparalleled opportunities for CEOs and their organizations to engage in dialogue with high profiles to discover new business opportunities through networking by ensuring their PR and Branding requirements.

CEO Club Pakistan is dedicated to Pakistan’s CEO’s, Local Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Difference Makers and Women of Substance for creating empowering environment to perk up the quality of life of people, community, society and country through shared vision and synergy.


We are committed to achieve new standards of excellence by providing a platform for Pakistani CEOs’ & Overseas CEOs to foster business and investment opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneurs.


Our mission is to be known as a company that caters with the business need of CEOs, Chairman, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Women Leaders to create investment, trade, business, retail, tourism, agriculture, energy opportunities for the youth of Pakistan.

CEO Club Pakistan has subsidiaries of companies that comes under the umbrella of the parent company.

  • Management House – A State of the Art Leadership Development Institute
  • CEO Today Magazine – Pakistan’s Best-Selling Business & Lifestyle Magazine
  • Café Khudi اپنی دنیا آپ پیدا کر
  • CEO Summit Asia by CEO Club Pakistan
  • CEOs Leadership Development
  • CEO Club Publications
  • CEO Club Media